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ABC130 / HCC Panel Metrology ABC130/HCC V1.0 (May 2016) Panel Metrology ZOT/Stevenage panels with shaped fiducials * ZOT_HybridPanel.pdf: Panel top layer...
ALiBaVa ALiBaVA setups at Liverpool for charge collection measurements Equipment Heat Sinks: * Heatsink BGA 20x20 10K/W anodised £ 7.18 / pack of 5 (21/08/15...
ATLAS07 Sensor Inventory Overview Spreadsheet Last Update: 04/09/2015 by Sven Wonsak 2nd p stop p spray Wafer BZ2 BZ3 BZ5 MD 01 1 ...
ATLAS12 Sensor Inventory Overview Spreadsheet Last Update: 17/07/2015 by Sven Wonsak Main.SvenWonsak 17 Jul 2015
ATLAS Upgrade at Liverpool Strips ATLAS TWiki page: Wire bonding Bond programs and their documenta...
ATLAS Upgrade: tests of strip modules Usefull Webpages:
TCT Data Analysis Particulars Analysis Scripts Installation Installed on a windows PC. ROOT version 5.34.14 VC 9 (2008) Visual C 2008 Express Edition I...
TCT Data Aquisition General Comments: * For the DESY analysis program always start voltage scans at 0V and the go to higher voltages (or lower when applyi...
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Clean Room: Required Items The purpose of this page is to collect a list of small items (cables, connectors, ...) that are required in the cleanroom and can not...
General Equipment List of required equipment: CleanRoomRequirements Suppliers General Equipment * RS UK: * Farnell UK: htt...
H35DEMO Test Stand H35DEMO link Manual Setup Software Git repo subsection * bullet point Main.LingxinMeng 08 Jan 2018
NEW - 08 Jan 2018 - 16:36 by lmeng
HV CMOS Bondmaps Charge Collection H35DEMO (July 2020) * H35DEMO Charge Collection PCB for first analogue matrix (July 2020): * Bondmap.pdf: H35...
Irradiated Sensors last update: 20/06/2016 by Sven Wonsak ATLAS 07/12 Sensors in large freezer in G11 Box with label 'A12 A07' irradiated at Ljubljana for a A...
Keyence 3D Measurement Microscope * Analysis Software Article text.
Micron Sensor Inventory Last update: 12/08/2015 by Sven Wonsak New Sensors 300um Wafer Quantity 2328 14 16 2328 15 11 2328 16 12 150u...
Probe Station IV and CV measurements in the Liverpool clean room. Cold IV: Setup to measure IV PCB's at temperatures below 0°C. This is done by placing the PCB...
RCE Setup Username: atlasrce Local Paths: /data/modulecalibs/ config files /data/modulecalibdata/ data files /data/moduleprimlists/ primlists Usef...
TCT Setup TCT Data Aquisition TCT Data Analysis Update for Windows 10 Particulars software download page * SMC Win7 Win10 Migration.pdf: Stage Migration ...
USB Pix Setup Information VCAL=ca.53e Main.SvenWonsak 11 Nov 2015
Silicon Database instructions on how to use the silicon database, made by Girish Patel Link to Database: ATLAS07 Inventory link ATLAS07 Sensor Inventory ATL...
ABC130 / HCC Panel Metrology Available system: OGP How to use it Manuals * 790230 1009_Measure X_Reference_Guide.pdf: Reference Guide * 790276 0205_Mea...
Cleanroom PCs Update: 04/09/2020 Room Purpose Operating System Network Access Connected to Network Notes G16 Dage (Pull Test) Win...
Manuals Power Supply * 2400_man.pdf: Keithley 2410 * keithley_2400_sourcemeter_full.pdf: Keithley 2400 informations * Keithley_2400series_Datasheet.pdf:...
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Replace this text with a short description on how this web is used. Available setups in the cleanroom to test silicon sensors: * ALiBaVa * Probe Station ...
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CleanroomTestStands Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the CleanroomTestStands web. These preferences override the site level preferenc...
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