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What is MAGIS-100?

MAGIS-100 is a next-generation quantum sensor under construction at Fermilab that aims to explore fundamental physics with atom interferometry over a 100-meter baseline. This novel detector will search for ultralight dark matter, test quantum mechanics in new regimes, and serve as a technology pathfinder for future gravitational wave detectors in a previously unexplored frequency band. It combines techniques demonstrated in state-of-the-art 10-meter-scale atom interferometers with the latest technological advances of the world's best atomic clocks. MAGIS-100 will provide a development platform for a future kilometer-scale detector that would be sufficiently sensitive to detect gravitational waves from known sources. Here we present the science case for the MAGIS concept, review the operating principles of the detector, describe the instrument design, and study the detector systematics.

For more information, see https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.02835

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Latest News

New MAGIS-100 paper https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.02835

Group Members

Jonathon Coleman (Academic Lead)

Kieran Bridges (Engineer)

Gedminas Elertas (Postdoc)

Sam Hindley (Research Student)

Leonie Hawkins (Research Student)

Henry Throssell (Research Student)

Kamran Hussain (Research Student)

Presentations and Papers

IntrestingPapers and IntrestingPresentations;

Liverpool Work on MAGIS-100


Vacuum Components


Optic Components


Retro-reflection System - PZT controllers, actuators and feedback loop






Source code for atomic source simulations: https://github.com/TeamAtomECS/AtomECS

MAGIS100 Web Utilities

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