TCT Data Aquisition

General Comments:

  • For the DESY analysis program always start voltage scans at 0V and the go to higher voltages (or lower when applying negative bias).
  • Only use every voltage once when using DESY analysis program
  • always press rear at power supply (not done automatically)

General Settings

  • Byte order: default setting 2 should be used
  • Time between moves: 0.1s recommended
  • DRS capable of taking around 300 wavefroms per second
  • dont highlight whole cell in position moving window when reset position, it will move to the old value, but sets it as 0!


  • For 'Particulars LASER control' only switch tab when laser is OFF, otherwise programm crash -> switch power off and on to controll it again.
  • signal from amplifier very high: reach limit of DRS input
    • close iris to reduce signal
    • Gregor recommends to have the iris at ~0.8cm (fixed)
    • there is a 'neutral density filter' NDF which attenuates the laser by factor 10
    • when setting the pulse width, don't press 'Disable DAC' after changing to the new value


H35DEMO (2017)

with "Ettore PCB"

position H35DEMO, 2E13 (09/10/2017)

  PSTCT position comment
X 30210  
Y 38000 not focused
Z 19590  

positions 24/08/2017
  PSTCT position comment
X 30303  
Y 35995  
Z 19600  

LFoundry chip (2017)

positions 22/03/2017
  PSTCT position comment
X 30555  
Y 35800 after focus scan
Z 19900 - 20050 when focussed


  • useing eTCT configuration with HV-CMOS PCB (90 degree angle mount, laser height block)

positions after reset 0, as recommended in Particulars manual
  PSTCT position comment
X 34117.7  
Y 34800 - 37600 focus position
Z 19700 - 20100  

positions 21/02/2017
  PSTCT position comment
X 33830  
Y 36000 after focus scan
Z 19800 - 20000 when focussed

Comment: waveform not good (too long) which affects data quality and focus scan precision; also in the most recent scans the double junction was not fully visible

-- SvenWonsak - 26 Nov 2014
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