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General Equipment List of required equipment: CleanRoomRequirements Suppliers General Equipment * RS UK: * Farnell UK: htt...
TCT Setup TCT Data Aquisition TCT Data Analysis Update for Windows 10 Particulars software download page * SMC Win7 Win10 Migration.pdf: Stage Migration ...
TCT Data Analysis Particulars Analysis Scripts Installation Installed on a windows PC. ROOT version 5.34.14 VC 9 (2008) Visual C 2008 Express Edition I...
HV CMOS Bondmaps Charge Collection H35DEMO (July 2020) * H35DEMO Charge Collection PCB for first analogue matrix (July 2020): * Bondmap.pdf: H35...
Cleanroom PCs Update: 04/09/2020 Room Purpose Operating System Network Access Connected to Network Notes G16 Dage (Pull Test) Win...
Replace this text with a short description on how this web is used. Available setups in the cleanroom to test silicon sensors: * ALiBaVa * Probe Station ...
ABC130 / HCC Panel Metrology ABC130/HCC V1.0 (May 2016) Panel Metrology ZOT/Stevenage panels with shaped fiducials * ZOT_HybridPanel.pdf: Panel top layer...
H35DEMO Test Stand H35DEMO link Manual Setup Software Git repo subsection * bullet point Main.LingxinMeng 08 Jan 2018
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Keyence 3D Measurement Microscope * Analysis Software Article text.
TCT Data Aquisition General Comments: * For the DESY analysis program always start voltage scans at 0V and the go to higher voltages (or lower when applyi...
r12 - 09 Oct 2017 - 10:33 by mlfranks
ATLAS Upgrade: tests of strip modules Usefull Webpages:
ATLAS Upgrade at Liverpool Strips ATLAS TWiki page: Wire bonding Bond programs and their documenta...
ATLAS07 Sensor Inventory Overview Spreadsheet Last Update: 04/09/2015 by Sven Wonsak 2nd p stop p spray Wafer BZ2 BZ3 BZ5 MD 01 1 ...
Clean Room: Required Items The purpose of this page is to collect a list of small items (cables, connectors, ...) that are required in the cleanroom and can not...
Irradiated Sensors last update: 20/06/2016 by Sven Wonsak ATLAS 07/12 Sensors in large freezer in G11 Box with label 'A12 A07' irradiated at Ljubljana for a A...
Silicon Database instructions on how to use the silicon database, made by Girish Patel Link to Database: ATLAS07 Inventory link ATLAS07 Sensor Inventory ATL...
Manuals Power Supply * 2400_man.pdf: Keithley 2410 * keithley_2400_sourcemeter_full.pdf: Keithley 2400 informations * Keithley_2400series_Datasheet.pdf:...
ABC130 / HCC Panel Metrology Available system: OGP How to use it Manuals * 790230 1009_Measure X_Reference_Guide.pdf: Reference Guide * 790276 0205_Mea...
" warn="off"}% * ** * * * * * * * %IF{"istopic ''" then=" * $percntICON{\"statistics\"}$percnt $percntMAKETEXT{\"St...
Probe Station IV and CV measurements in the Liverpool clean room. Cold IV: Setup to measure IV PCB's at temperatures below 0°C. This is done by placing the PCB...
USB Pix Setup Information VCAL=ca.53e Main.SvenWonsak 11 Nov 2015
ALiBaVa ALiBaVA setups at Liverpool for charge collection measurements Equipment Heat Sinks: * Heatsink BGA 20x20 10K/W anodised £ 7.18 / pack of 5 (21/08/15...
RCE Setup Username: atlasrce Local Paths: /data/modulecalibs/ config files /data/modulecalibdata/ data files /data/moduleprimlists/ primlists Usef...
Micron Sensor Inventory Last update: 12/08/2015 by Sven Wonsak New Sensors 300um Wafer Quantity 2328 14 16 2328 15 11 2328 16 12 150u...
ATLAS12 Sensor Inventory Overview Spreadsheet Last Update: 17/07/2015 by Sven Wonsak Main.SvenWonsak 17 Jul 2015
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r2 - 15 May 2015 - 21:32 by TWikiContributor
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CleanroomTestStands Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the CleanroomTestStands web. These preferences override the site level preferenc...
Statistics for CleanroomTestStands Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save a...
Top Menu of CleanroomTestStands Web This topic defines the menu structure of the CleanroomTestStands web, used by the TopMenuSkin. * "}% * * ...
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Foswiki's CleanroomTestStands web
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