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GENIE Mission Statement

  1. The GENIE Collaboration shall provide a state-of-the-art neutrino MC generator for the world experimental neutrino community. GENIE shall simulate all processes for all neutrino species and nuclear targets, from MeV to PeV energy scales.

  2. The GENIE Collaboration shall provide electron-nucleus, hadron-nucleus and nucleon decay generators in the same physics framework as the neutrino-nucleus generator.

  3. The GENIE Collaboration shall review critically all relevant theoretical work and experimental data and it shall synthesize selected physics models and data into a comprehensive and self-consistent picture of neutrino interaction physics.

  4. The GENIE Collaboration shall curate archives of the world neutrino scattering data, and a large sample of complementary charged lepton and hadron scattering data, and it shall make those archives available in digital form for the purpose of neutrino interaction model validation, tuning and systematic error evaluation.

  5. The GENIE Collaboration shall perform global fits to neutrino, charged-lepton and hadron scattering data and provide global neutrino interaction model tunes.

  6. The GENIE Collaboration shall provide a complete systematic analysis of its default model.

  7. The GENIE Collaboration shall provide expert advice to the world neutrino community on matters related to neutrino interaction phenomenology based on in-depth knowledge of relevant scattering data and the experience building a comprehensive model of neutrino interaction physics. It shall also expert advice on all technical matters related to the realistic simulation of complex experimental environments.

  8. The GENIE Collaboration shall provide tools to support the full life-cycle of simulation and generator-related analysis tasks, including a) a suite of neutrino flux and detector geometry navigation drivers which allow event generation for realistic, arbitrarily complex experimental setups using off-the-shelf components, b) standardised event generation applications for all major experiments, and c) event reweighting code allowing the propagation of generator-level uncertainties into physics analyses.