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Citing GENIE

MCnet Guidelines for Fair Academic Use

The authors of GENIE endorse the MCNET guidelines for fair academic use. We invite users to consider which GENIE components are important for a particular analysis and cite them, in addition to the main references.

An incomplete list of related references is maintained here.

Main reference
If you use GENIE, please always cite the following reference:

C.Andreopoulos et al., The GENIE Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator
Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A614 (2010) 87-104
InspireHEP record

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          journal = "Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A",
          volume = "614",
          pages = "87--104",
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Additional reference for GENIE software toolkit
If you used the standard GENIE apps or the GENIE experimental interfaces, including the neutrino flux and geometry navigation drivers or specialised event generation apps, the GENIE event reweighting / error propagation tools, or any of the Comparisons or Tuning products, then in addition to the main reference above, please cite the following:

C.Andreopoulos et al., The GENIE Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator: Physics and User Manual
InspireHEP entry

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Additional references for GENIE v3 tunes

If you use the new physics tunes available in GENIE v3, please cite any relevant work listed below: