Using the Video Conference Room Equipment

The video conferencing equipment in room 201 can be used to host or display a video or phone conference. This is a basic guide to setting up the equipment accessing it for typical HEP meetings.

Turning on Video Conferencing system

Turn on the TV using the remote standby button. TV front LED should turn green.

TV source should be set to AV2 (Component).

Press any button on the Polycom (VC) remote to wake up the VC unit.

Controlling Video Conferencing system

The camera can be controlled from the Polycom remote (VC). Use the arrow buttons to move and +/- buttons to zoom.

There are a number of camera presets: press Preset and then a number from 0-9.

Use the PIP button to change local/remote video display and positions.

There are two Polycom microphones. They can be (un)muted with their button. It shouldn’t be necessary to pull the microphones around too much.

Direct Video Conferencing

Ensure system is on and at the default Polycom home screen (use Home button).

Connect to another video conferencing system by entering the IP Address into the address bar, using the numbers on the VC remote. Then press the green Call button.

The video conferencing system will automatically accept external calls to the IP Address

Linking Video Conferencing System to Vidyo Gateways

The Polycom system can dial in to a Vidyo Gateway to join a meeting. On the Home page enter the gateway address (hostname or IP) then press the green Call button


Internet2 (Ann Harbour, US): (

On the login screen follow the instructions which is usually to enter the meeting room extension followed by the # key. Then any meeting PIN followed by the # key. For a typical Indico meeting the extension can be found as shown

Finding extension number

Finding vidyo extension in CERN indico

Other Vidyo users should inform you of the extension for their rooms.

Linking Video Conferencing system to EVO via H323

Ensure system is on and at the default Polycom home screen (use Home button).

Start an EVO session as normal (either on laptop or the VC room PC).

Log in to your EVO meeting.

Click on the phone icon and choose “Call H.323/SIP client”.

Enter the IP address and click the green phone button to connect.

Turning off Video Conferencing system

Ensure the VC has no active connections (hang up). It will go to sleep automatically.

Switch off the TV with the remote standby button. LED should go red.

Using the SmartBoard

By default the SmartBoard should be set up for use with the VC room PC using HDMI1 and USB. The PC is on the desk by the SmartBoard.

Turn on the SmartBoard projector with the remote. Turn on the desktop PC by the SmartBoard. You can use the wireless keyboard&mouse from the main desk.

MWS has access to SmartBoard touch sensitive technology eg draw on the screen with one of the supplied pens (don’t use marker pens), or use your finger as a mouse.

Shut down PC after use. Turn off the projector with remote, press power button twice.

A second cable HDMI2 is available for connecting laptops (no touch sensitive input is possible as on the desktop). Use the Smart remote Input button to choose HDMI2. Display resolution is 1280x800. When finished return input to HDMI1 for desktop use.

Using tabletop projector

The tabletop projector is available for connecting your own laptops for display on the Smartboard. They won’t have access to the SmartBoard touch-sensitive technology.

Turn on the projector with the Projector remote (or the projector power button). The lens door should open.

Equipment can be used via HDMI or VGA connections. Choose the source using the remote or projector Input buttons. Maximum resolution 1920x1080.

Turn off the projector by pressing the power button twice. The door should close.

Contacts and further information

In case of any problems with the equipment please contact the admins in room 220 (just past double doors past the lift) or send an email to
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