Sponsored/supported by:

  Organizing Committee  
L. Alvarez Ruso (Valencia)
C. Andreopoulos [*] (Liverpool/RAL)
S. Boyd (Warwick)
S. Dytman (Pittsburgh)
H. Gallagher (Tufts)
J. Morfin (FNAL)
J. Nowak (Lancaster)
G. Perdue (FNAL)
J. Sobczyk [*] (Wroclaw)
M. Wascko (Imperial)

Local support:
Linda Fielding (Liverpool)
Angie Reid (Liverpool)

[*] co-chairs

  Key dates  
— Early registration deadline for potential school participants: 14th of March, 2014
— Registration deadline (if the maximum number of participants has not been reached earlier): 1st of May, 2014.
— The first invitations will be sent out on the 15th of March, 2014.
— The school will be held from the 14th (Wedns.) to the 16th (Fri.) of May, 2014.







Welcome to the 2014 Neutrino Generator School page.

This is a generator training school, to be held at the University of Liverpool in 14-16 May 2014. To facilitate participation of overseas students, the school is organised as a satellite event of the popular NuINT14 workshop to be held in London in 19-24 May 2014.

The school will provide a series of lectures covering a broad range of neutrino interaction phenomenology topics focussing on the connections between theory, experiment and MC simulations. The school will also offer extensive hands-on tutorials of the GENIE and NuWro MC generators.

Participation is by invitation and, due to the hands-on nature of the school, will be limited to about 30 students. Priority will be given to students and young post-doctoral research associates.

Venue & Location
The school will be held in the Foresight Centre, the award-winning business conference centre of the University of Liverpool in UK. The Foresight Centre is located within the central campus and it is housed within one of the city's most impressive Grade II listed buildings.

Liverpool in a UNESCO World Heritage City and a bustling metropolis with a unique mix of contemporary and classic architecture. With the largest collection of museum and galleries anywhere outside London, and a fantastic selection of performance spaces, it is an ideal culturally-rich setting for a summer school.
More information about visiting Liverpool may be found here.

Click on the lecture titles to see the slides (PDF format).
Wed 14 Thu 15 Fri 16
08:00 - 08:20 Registration
08:20 - 08:30 Welcome (Andreopoulos)
08:30 - 09:20 Lecture T1 (Andreopoulos)
Neutrino generators & MC methods
Lecture T5 (Alvarez-Ruso)
Quasielastic neutrino scattering
Lecture T9 (Alvarez-Ruso)
Weak coherent meson production
09:20 - 09:30 Break
09:30 - 10:20 Lecture T2 (Sobczyk)
Survey of current neutrino MC generators
Lecture T6 (Sobczyk)
Np-Nh contributions to quasielastic-like neutrino scattering
Lecture T10 (Sobczyk)
Final state interactions & survey of intranuclear cascade codes
10:20 - 10:45 Mid-morning refreshements (at Foresight Centre)
10:30 - 11:20 Lecture T3 (Alvarez-Ruso)
Basics of electro-weak interactions
Lecture T7 (Alvarez-Ruso)
Neutrino production of resonances
Tutorial 5 (Andreopoulos)
Systematics & event re-weighting
11:20 - 11:30 Break
11:30 - 12:20 Lecture T4 (Alvarez-Ruso)
The nuclear initial state / Basics of many-body theory
Lecture T8 (Sobczyk)
Deep inelastic neutrino scattering and neutrino-induced hadronization
12:20 - 13:30 Lunch (at Foresight Centre)
13:30 - 15:00 Tutorial 1 (Perdue)
GENIE intro - How to configure and run basic applications and analyze the outputs
Tutorial 3 (Perdue)
How to extract cross-section information
Tutorial 6 (Perdue)
Adding new models: A detailed walk-through
15:00 - 15:30 Mid-afternoon refreshements (at Foresight Centre)
15:30 - 17:00 Tutorial 2 (Golan)
NuWro intro - How to configure and run basic applications and analyze the outputs
Tutorial 4 (Perdue/Golan)
Comparing generator predictions with data
Tutorial 7 (Perdue)
Using fluxes and detector geometries. How to customize GENIE for a complex experimental setup.
17:00 - 17:15 Break
17:15 - 18:15 Lecture E1 (Boyd)
Survey of neutrino scattering data
Lecture E2 (Nowak)
Electron scattering data and its use in constraining neutrino models
Lecture E3 (Wascko)
Unfolding techniques and model-independent measurements
18:15 - 19:30 Discussion/Drinks Discussion/Drinks Discussion/Drinks
19:30 - School dinner

         Theory & MC methods          Hands-on tutorials          Experiment

School photos
School photos are posted on the school twitter stream (see on the right hand side). Please feel free to upload any interesting photo you take during the school and your stay at Liverpool!


The registration fee is £50 payable in cash at the registration desk. The fee includes the cost of the school dinner. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments and lunches will also be provided.

School dinner
A school dinner is organized for Thursday 15th May at the Quarter Liverpool.

The campus is centrally located. The Foresight Centre is just a 10-minute walk away from the nearest mainline train station (Lime Street). Directions can be found here. A pdf map showing all University buildings can be found here.

School participants should make their own arrangements. There is a large number of and B&Bs and hotels in walking distance from the University. Search via laterooms.com or booking.com (the University post code is L69 3BX). Some nearby hotels are listed below: