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FirstName LastName Organization State Country
[[AbbieChadwick][]] [[AbbieChadwick][]]      
[[AdamLowe][]] [[AdamLowe][]]      
[[AdamRuby][]] [[AdamRuby][]]      
[[AdrianPritchard][]] [[AdrianPritchard][]]      
[[AhmedAhmed][]] [[AhmedAhmed][]]      
[[AlanTaylor][]] [[AlanTaylor][]]      
[[AlessandroBiondini][]] [[AlessandroBiondini][]]      
Alexander Murphy Alexander Murphy   United Kingdom
[[AliceBaxter][]] [[AliceBaxter][]]      
Andreas Zech Paris Observatory   France
Andreea Font     United Kingdom
[[AndrewCarroll][]] [[AndrewCarroll][]]      
[[AndrewGroves][]] [[AndrewGroves][]]      
[[AndrewMehta][]] [[AndrewMehta][]]      
Andy Boston      
Andy Newsam      
[[AndyWolski][]] [[AndyWolski][]]      
Angela Intermite Max Planck fuer Kernphysik   Italy
Anne Green University of Nottingham   United Kingdom
[[AnthonyHeath][]] [[AnthonyHeath][]]      
[[AshleyGreenall][]] [[AshleyGreenall][]]      
Asim Mumtaz      
[[BarneyPhilippou][]] [[BarneyPhilippou][]]      
Ben Davies      
[[BillyBoxer][]] [[BillyBoxer][]]      
Bradley Cheal     United Kingdom
[[CaraHawkins][]] [[CaraHawkins][]]      
[[CarlGwilliam][]] [[CarlGwilliam][]]      
[[CarlMetelko][]] [[CarlMetelko][]]      
[[CarlosBarajas][]] [[CarlosBarajas][]]      
Carole Burgess Liverpool   United Kingdom
Catherine Boisson Paris Observatory   France
[[CharlieCollinson][]] [[CharlieCollinson][]]      
[[CharlotteCavanagh][]] [[CharlotteCavanagh][]]      
[[ChrisBarry][]] [[ChrisBarry][]]      
Chris Collins     United Kingdom
Chris Edmonds     United Kingdom
Chris Lucas     United Kingdom
[[ChristosTouramanis][]] [[ChristosTouramanis][]]      
[[ClaraBartels][]] [[ClaraBartels][]]      
Conan Rehert     USA
[[ConorMcPartland][]] [[ConorMcPartland][]]      
[[CostasAndreopoulos][]] [[CostasAndreopoulos][]]      
[[DaveSim][]] [[DaveSim][]]      
David Holder University of Liverpool   United Kingdom
[[DavidHutchcroft][]] [[DavidHutchcroft][]]      
David Martin     United Kingdom
[[DavidPayne][]] [[DavidPayne][]]      
Deepa Angal-Kalinin STFC   United Kingdom
Dimitrios Emmanoulopoulos University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy   United Kingdom
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