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FirstName LastName Organization State Country
Chris Lucas     United Kingdom
[[ChristosTouramanis][]] [[ChristosTouramanis][]]      
[[ChunFung][]] [[ChunFung][]]      
[[ClaraBartels][]] [[ClaraBartels][]]      
Conan Rehert     USA
[[ConorMcPartland][]] [[ConorMcPartland][]]      
[[CostasAndreopoulos][]] [[CostasAndreopoulos][]]      
[[CristianoSebastiani][]] [[CristianoSebastiani][]]      
[[DaliyaAflyatunova][]] [[DaliyaAflyatunova][]]      
[[DaveSim][]] [[DaveSim][]]      
[[DavidFurelos][]] [[DavidFurelos][]]      
David Holder University of Liverpool   United Kingdom
[[DavidHutchcroft][]] [[DavidHutchcroft][]]      
David Martin     United Kingdom
[[DavidPayne][]] [[DavidPayne][]]      
[[DavidTarazona][]] [[DavidTarazona][]]      
Deepa Angal-Kalinin STFC   United Kingdom
Dimitrios Emmanoulopoulos University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy   United Kingdom
Dominika Vasilkova University of Liverpool   United Kingdom
Eduardo Rodrigues      
Edward Burke     United Kingdom
Edward Paul     United Kingdom
[[EliaBottalico][]] [[EliaBottalico][]]      
[[ElliottWood][]] [[ElliottWood][]]      
[[EloisaArena][]] [[EloisaArena][]]      
Emlyn Jones      
[[EstifaAZaid][]] [[EstifaAZaid][]]      
Estifa'a Zaid      
[[EvaVilella][]] [[EvaVilella][]]      
[[EvaVilellaFigueras][]] [[EvaVilellaFigueras][]]      
[[EwanFraser][]] [[EwanFraser][]]      
[[FajerAlqahtani][]] [[FajerAlqahtani][]]      
Fatima DeFrondat Paris Observatory   France
Fedor Ignatov     United Kingdom
[[FrancescoDettori][]] [[FrancescoDettori][]]      
[[FrankHam][]] [[FrankHam][]]      
Fred Gannaway Queen Mary University of London   United Kingdom
Garret Cotter Oxford University   United Kingdom
[[GedminasElertas][]] [[GedminasElertas][]]      
[[GeorgeStavrakis][]] [[GeorgeStavrakis][]]      
[[GeorgiosChristodoulou][]] [[GeorgiosChristodoulou][]]      
Gianluigi Casse     Italy
[[GirishPatel][]] [[GirishPatel][]]      
Graham Lee     United Kingdom
[[GrazianoVenanzoni][]] [[GrazianoVenanzoni][]]      
[[HamishTeagle][]] [[HamishTeagle][]]      
[[HarryLyons][]] [[HarryLyons][]]      
[[HarveyBirch][]] [[HarveyBirch][]]      
Helen Boston University of Liverpool   United Kingdom
[[HelenHayward][]] [[HelenHayward][]]      
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