Documents for the LHCb VP assembly at Liverpool.


Copies of the documents are available below the table.

Title Ref Author Version Date
Index V-ID-001 T. Bowcock V0.01 10/05/21
Infrastructure and Area
Staff Garments/PPE V-IA-001 TJVB    
Area Cleaning V-IA-002 Mike Lockwood    
Area Layout A&C V-IA-003 John C.    
Monitoring Temp, Humidity and Services V-IA-004 Mike L.    
Area Responsible and Emergency Phone Numbers V-IA-005 TJVB    
Crane Operations V-IA-006 Kieran.    
LUCASZ Startup/Shutdown V-IA-007 Vinicius    
General Operations
Staff list/experts including on-call V-GO-001 TJVB    
Shift Responsibilities V-GO-002 TJVB    
Start of Shift V-GO-003 TJVB    
End of Shift V-GO-004 TJVB    
Detector Protection V-GO-005 John C.    
Elog and db access V-GO-006 Kurt R/Examples    
Video Record V-GO-007 Stephen    
Detector Manuals
LUCASZ local box V-DE-001 Vinicius    
Vacuum Down/Up V-DE-002 Kieran    
Dry Air Ops V-DE-003 ??????    
HV System V-DE-004 ??????    
LV System V-DE-005 ??????    
Interlock V-DE-006 Vinicius/Smithy    
Analysis V-DE-007 David    
Module Assembly Procedures
Module Reception V-MO-001 Tabitha    
Module Storage V-MO-002 Tabitha    
Module Pre-Install V-MO-003 John C.    
Module Installation V-MO-004 John C.    
Module Quick Test V-MO-005 Vin.    
Module Long Test V-MO-006 Vin/David    
Multi Module Tests V-MO-007 ?????    
Post Installation Module Protection V-MO-008 John C.    
Cleaning, Recovery and Emergency
Dropped/Replacement Parts V-XX-001 Kieran    
Cleaning Procedures V-XX-002 Kieran    
Fire V-XX-003 Mike L    
Flood V-XX-004 John C.    
Electrical V-XX-005 Vin.    
Co2/O2 V-XX-006 Kieran    
Covid V-XX-007 TJVB    

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