MAC Address Registration

Registering for the HEP Network access

Access to the HEP network for desktops and laptops is restricted by MAC address. The MAC address is a unique hardware identifier for network interfaces, both wired and wireless. To be granted access you must supply your MAC Address to the hep admins ( If you are not a member of HEP staff you must have a member of staff validate your request. Please also state the length of time you require the access for.

Finding your MAC Address

The MAC address information is displayed in different ways on different operating systems. It is always 16 hexadecimal characters long but may be quoted with : or - separators eg 00:02:B3:D3:94:FC.


You can find the MAC address displayed in the output of the following command as HWaddr

  • /sbin/ifconfig -a

typically as device eth0 wired, wlan0 wireless.


From a command prompt (aka DOS prompt) run

  • ipconfig /all

If you can't find a command prompt use the Windows search facility to search for the file 'command prompt'. Look for a device description that matches the interface you are using eg 'Gigabit network connection'.

Mac OS X

Similarly as for linux use

  • /sbin/ifconfig -a

the mac address will be listed as ether, typically device en0 wired, en1 airport.
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