Liverpool HEP Mattermost Service

A local Mattermost ( service is provided for Liverpool HEP members. Mattermost can be used for team-based messaging, file transfers and logging and is fully searchable.

Liverpool HEP members can log in immediately (via Gitlab) with their HEP account. External guests can also register to use the service, pending approval.

Logging in

Mattermost uses HEP Gitlab accounts for logins. The first time you use HEP Gitlab or Mattermost this account will be created, using your normal HEP Linux login. You should do this before trying to associate any social media accounts.

Use a web browser to connect to Click on the Gitlab sign in icon and log in with your HEP account.

HEP Login via Gitlab

You should be redirected to the main Mattermost team selection page. Any teams that are public or you are a member of should be visible. Click on the one you wish to join.

Team selection

Guest Registration

External collaborators without a Liverpool HEP account can also join by logging in via a social media account, such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.

On the Gitlab login page the external authentication types will be listed as "Sign in with".

Social Media Login

This will create a Gitlab account marked as external and will be blocked pending approval by the admins.

Once approved the account will be unblocked and then able to log in as normal.

Associating Social Media Accounts

People with HEP accounts can also use their social media account logins if they wish. They should log in to Gitlab at with their HEP login first.

Then under Profile Settings -> Account -> Social sign-in the external accounts can be associated.

Associate a Social Media account

If you authenticate using the external account you will still be logged in under your HEP account and name. This keeps identities standard no matter the account used.

Using Teams, Channels and Private Groups

Teams are the main grouping in Mattermost. The default Team is Liverpool HEP and this is open for anyone (HEP or approved external accounts) to join.

Any user can create their own Team, and manage who is a member. Please only create new Teams if there is a particular requirement, eg for an experiment, as Channels or Private Groups are often good enough for small groups or general topics.

Within a Team are Channels, which are public. Town Square is the default channel, for general discussion. In the Liverpool HEP Team there is also a Computing channel for discussions and advice about HEP computing matters (please do not use this for support requests, continue to use Helpdesk). Any user can create and configure their own channel but try to only create them if there is enough discussion on a particular topic.

Private Groups can also be created, which are by invite only. Anything added to a Private Group will only be visible by the members who have been added.

Direct messages can be sent to individual users. This will only be visible to you and the recipient.

Using Client Applications

Mattermost is available through a web browser on any platform, and multiple teams can be opened in separate tabs.

It can be easier to manage with a dedicated client. Clients are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android (see the download page at Clients are pre-installed on HEP SL6 and Centos7 systems.

Under Preferences your teams can be added. You will need to use the URL as used by the web browser interface, eg for the Liverpool HEP team use the URL a team to a Mattermost client


See the Mattermost User Guide at for more information on managing teams and more advanced messaging options.


Q) If I log out of Mattermost and go to log in again, eg to use a social media login, it automatically logs me back in again bypassing the login page, how do I fully log out?

A) Mattermost uses your gitlab account to log in. To fully log out you need to log out of gitlab as well. Go to and log out. The next time you try to log in you should see the usual login page.

Reporting Problems

Please report any issues to including 'Mattermost' in the subject.

Terms of Service

The service (Mattermost, Gitlab) is provided on an 'as-is' basis, for use as permitted by law. The service will be provided with reasonable care and skill, but (when permitted by law) the provider will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues or data, financial losses, or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages.

Usage of this service is also governed by the regulations of the University of Liverpool ( and the Janet AUP (

Privacy Policy

User information provided (including name, email address) is used only in relation to the services (Mattermost, Gitlab). No information will be transferred except as required for that purpose or otherwise by law.

Held personal information can be viewed, changed, and deleted via Gitlab account profile.

Emails will only be sent in relation to the service including user-configured notifications, and where appropriate, service information updates.
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