Irradiated Sensors

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ATLAS 07/12

Sensors in large freezer in G11

Box with label 'A12-A07'

irradiated at Ljubljana for a ATLAS07 - ATLAS12 comparison charge collection measurements required; when?
Sensor Fluence measurement status
A12 W685 BZ3C-P15 2E15  
A12 W685 P14 2E15  
A07 W277 BZ3-P9 2E15  
A07 W278 BZ3-P6 2E15  
A07 W301 BZ3-P18 5E14  
A07 W301 BZ3-P21 5E14  
A07 W301 BZ3-P9 5E14  
A07 W301 BZ3-P6 2.5E14  
A07 W278-BZ3-P9 2.5E14  
A07 W301 BZ3-P3 2.5E14  
A12 W685-BZ3C-P12 2.5E14  
A12 W685-BZ3C-P4 2.5E14  
A12 W685 BZ3C-P2 2.5E14  
A07 W277 BZ3-P3 2E14  
A12A W683 P15 2E14  
A07 W277 BZ3-P6 2E14  
A12 W683 BZ3C-P12 2E14  
A12A W686 P15 5E14  
A12 W686 BZ3C-P12 5E14  
A12A W689 BZ3C-P14 1E15  
A12 W686 BZ3C-P2 1E15  
A12 W686 BZ3C-P4 1E15  
A12A W686 P14 5E14  
A12 W689 BZ3C-P4 2.5E15  
A12 W689 BZ3C-P12 2.5E15  
A12 W689 BZ3C-P2 2.5E15  

Bag with label 'ATLAS12 Ljubljana comparison with ATLAS07'

irradiated at Ljubljana with neutrons; bag includes empty bags from other sensors
Sensor Fluence measurement status
ATALS07 VPX 73814 W150-BZ3-P6 5E14 ALiBaVa, annealed
ATLAS07 VPX 73314 W150-BZ3-P9 1E15 ALiBaVa, annealed

Box with label 'LIVERPOOL'

Sensor Fluence measurement status
W636-BZ3C-P2 2E15  
W611-BZ3C-P12 slim 2E15  
MINI MIX W625-P14 1.1E15  
ATLAS 12 W637-BZ3C-P2 5E15  
MINI MIX W633-P15 2.7E15  
W630 BZ3C-P4 slim 1E15  

Bag with label '300 krad DONE'

Sensor FluenceSorted ascending measurement status
A12A W630-BZ3F-P3    
A12A W602-BZ3F-P5    

Bag with label '1 Mrad DONE'

Sensor Fluence measurement status
A12A W613-BZ3F-P3    
A12A W612-BZ3F-P3    

Bag with label '3 Mrad DONE'

Sensor Fluence measurement status
A12A W610-BZ3F-P3    
A12A W611-BZ3F-P3    

Bag with label '100 krad DONE'

Sensor Fluence measurement status
A12A W610-BZ3F-P5    
A12A W607-BZ3F-P5    

Bag with label '10 Mrad DONE'

Sensor Fluence measurement status
A12A W602-BZ3F-P3    
A12A W607-BZ3F-P3    

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