Draft Minutes of the Meeting - 29/05/2007

Present: Helen, Joost, Sergy, Paul, Phil, Neil

1) Next Meetings will be held at 10am on Monday 02/06/07

a-b) Hardware Status and Effort at CERN:

Nothing specific on Endcap C.

But Endcap A was lowered into the ATLAS Pit on Thursday 24/05/07. It should be in it final position within ATLAS by the end of today (29/05/07).

c) Offline Monitoring:

Sergey gave a talk about work done by Caroline Magarth (NIKHEF) on modeling the SCT model noise (See link). The model could be used to get the depletion voltage by knowing the module input noise. There are various factors that need to be taken into account, e.g. temperature, bias voltage and 5 capacitances. The hardest part to understand is the inter-strip capacitance. This is a function of humidity, bias voltage and length of time the silicon is biased. A fit was performed to measured noise values taken at various bias voltages, letting the inter-strip capacitance float. Good agreement was seen between the model and the data. The output inter-strip capacitance was slightly (20%) lower than the expected.

Paul showed some plots about monitoring the module leakage currents (See Link). The leakage current could be used to measure the fluence. Various DCS parameters were extracted from the ATLAS SCT Data base, e.g module temp, LV currents, HV Voltage and current, over a 3 day period of barrel testing. There was a lot of information in the data base. Purhaps to much. For example the bias current. To extract information for all 4000 SCT modules from the data base would take a very long time.

d) Online Monitoring:

Nothing new.

-- PaulDervan - 29 May 2007
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