Draft Minutes of the Meeting - 14/05/2007

Present: Helen, Joost, Sergy, Nick, Paul, Phil, Tim

1) Next Meetings will be held at 10am on Monday 21/05/07

a-b) Hardware Status and Effort at CERN:

The meeting was later than usual because of a special SCT-ID steering group meeting. See: SCT Steering group meeting. A quick summary is as follows. Two more heaters on the barrel have failed. The plan is to replace all the heaters with dummy ones and add flexible extensions to take the pipes out into the empty TRT-C wheels region, behind the endcaps. The heaters will be attached here at a later date. Due to schedule and contractual constraints the endcap A toroid magnet must be installed no later than 08/06/07. This means that all work on the flexiable extentions (including leak tight tests) must be complete by next Monday (21/05/07). If this is done endcap A can be installed towards the end of May and endcap C in mid June. This is know as Plan B. If the work is not complete by Monday morning. The endcaps will not be installed until September - October, this is Plan C.

c) Offline Monitoring:

Helen and Nick gave talks on the barrel MC and Endcap cosmic data. See the attached talks.

d) Online Monitoring:

Sergey will have a meeting tomorrow with Pamela on ID monitoring and data quality. See: Meeting
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