Photon Met Studies in OSCAR

How to run example

  • Please setup OSCAR according to OscarAnalysis
  • Check out packages:
cd $TestArea     for pkg in `svn ls $SVNGRP/Physics/Common/OSCAR/`; do svn co $SVNGRP/Physics/Common/OSCAR/$pkg/trunk OSCAR/$pkg; done   
  • Make version.cmt files:
cd $TestArea/OSCAR


cd $TestArea
cmt co Reconstruction/MissingETPerformance 
cmt co Reconstruction/MissingETGoodness 
cmt co Reconstruction/Jet/JetUtils  
cd OSCAR/OSUserPhotonMet/cmt
  • Compile all newly checked out packages independently, or if you are starting anew, use the cmt bro command to compile everything. This is thorough, but slower.
cmt bro cmt config && source && cmt bro gmake
  • (Go for a cup of tea .....)
  • To run:
cd $TestArea/OSCAR/OSUserPhotonMet
mkdir run
cd run
athena ../share/ > test.log &
  • If you get an error retrieving the data from the dpm-atlasliverpooldatadisk, e.g:
    SysError in <TRFIOFile::TRFIOFile>: file rfio:////dpm/ can not be opened for reading (No such file or directory)

  • please renew your grid certificate and try again.i.e.
source /batchsoft/atlas/grid/

-- HelenHayward - 20 Jan 2010
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