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Password manager that uses Net::LDAP to manage users and passwords.

Subclass of Foswiki::Users::Password.

This class does not grant any write access to the ldap server for security reasons. So you need to use your ldap tools to create user accounts.

Configuration: add the following variables to your LocalSite.cfg
  • $Foswiki::cfg{Ldap}{server} = <ldap-server uri>, defaults to localhost
  • $Foswiki::cfg{Ldap}{base} = <base dn> subtree that holds the user accounts e.g. ou=people,dc=your,dc=domain,dc=com

new($session) -> $ldapUser

Takes a session object, creates an LdapContrib object used to delegate LDAP calls and returns a new Foswiki::User::LdapPasswd object

error() -> $errorMsg

return the last error during LDAP operations


Static method to write a debug messages.

fetchPass($login) -> $passwd

this method is used most of the time to detect if a given login user is known to the database. the concrete (encrypted) password is of no interest: so better use userExists() for that

userExists($name) -> $boolean

returns true if the login or wikiname exists in the database; that's performing better than fetching the password and then see what comes out of this

checkPassword($login, $password) -> $boolean

check passwd by binding to the ldap server

readOnly() -> $boolean

we can change passwords, so return false

isManagingEmails() -> $boolean

we are managing emails, but don't allow setting emails. alas the core does not distinguish this case, e.g. by using readOnly()

getEmails($login) -> @emails

emails might be stored in the ldap account as well if the record is of type possixAccount and inetOrgPerson. if this is not the case we fallback to twiki's default behavior


Complete processing after the client's HTTP request has been responded. i.e. destroy the ldap object.

removeUser( $user ) -> $boolean

LDAP users can't be removed from within the engine. So this will call the deleteUser interface of the secondary password manager only

Returns 1 on success, undef on failure.

passwd( $user, $newPassword, $newPassword ) -> $boolean

TODO: API missmatch

This method can only change the LDAP password. It can not add the user to the LDAP directory. To change the password the old password must always be correct. There's no mode to force the change irrespective of the existing password.

In any other case the secondary password manager gets the job.

encrypt( $user, $passwordU, $fresh ) -> $passwordE

LDAP can't encrypt passwords. But maybe the secondary password manager can.

setPassword( $login, $newPassU, $oldPassU ) -> $boolean

If the $oldPassU matches matches the user's password, then it will replace it with $newPassU.

If $oldPassU is not correct and not 1, will return 0.

If $oldPassU is 1, will force the change irrespective of the existing password, adding the user if necessary.

Otherwise returns 1 on success, undef on failure.

setEmails($user, @emails)

Set the email address(es) for the given username. The engine can't set the email stored in LDAP. But may be the secondary password manager can.

findUserByEmail( $email ) -> \@users

  • $email - email address to look up
Return a list of user objects for the users that have this email registered with the password manager. This will concatenate the result list of the LDAP manager with the secondary password manager

canFetchUsers() -> boolean

returns true, as we can fetch users

fetchUsers() -> new Foswiki::ListIterator(\@users)

returns a Foswiki::ListIterator of loginnames

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