internal package Foswiki::Tables::Cell

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internal package Foswiki::Tables::Cell

Abstract model of a table cell, suitable for use with the tables parser.

ClassMethod new($row, $precruft, $text, $postcruft, $isHeader) → $cell

Construct a new table cell.
  • $row - the row the cell belongs to (Foswiki::Tables::Row or subclass)
  • $precruft - whatever precedes the text inside the cell (spaces)
  • $text - the text stored in the cell
  • $postcruft - whatever follows the text inside the cell (spaces)
  • $isHeader - true if this is a header cell (content delimited by **)

Note that $postcruft and $precruft should not include the * indicating a header.

ObjectMethod number([$set]) → $number

Setter/getter for the cell number. The number uniquely identifies the cell within the context of a row. The cell number is undef until it is set by some external agency (e.g. the row)

ObjectMethod finish()

Clean up for disposal

ObjectMethod stringify()

Generate a TML representation of the row

ObjectMethod getID() → $id

Generate a unique string ID that uniquely identifies this cell within a topic.

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