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StaticMethod addXMLTag($tag, \&fn)

Instruct WysiwygPlugin to "lift out" the named tag and pass it to &fn for processing. &fn may modify the text of the tag. &fn should return 0 if the tag is to be re-embedded immediately, or 1 if it is to be re-embedded after all processing is complete. The text passed (by reference) to &fn includes the ... brackets.

The simplest use of this function is something like this: Foswiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin::addXMLTag( 'mytag', sub { 1 } );

A plugin may call this function more than once e.g. to change the processing function for a tag. However, only the original plugin may change the processing for a tag.

Plugins should call this function from their initPlugin handlers so that WysiwygPlugin will protect the XML-like tags for all conversions, including REST conversions. Plugins that are intended to be used with older versions of Foswiki (e.g. 1.0.6) should check that this function is defined before calling it, so that they degrade gracefully if an older version of WysiwygPlugin (e.g. that shipped with 1.0.6) is installed.

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