Pending Registrations Template

Tailoring instructions:

The contents of the Pending Registrations report can be modified to report any fields collected on a customized UserRegistration form. Each formfield name is substituted with the similarly named token in the row definition: For example, if your User Registration form includes the Organization field, it can be included by adding $Organization to the below ApprovalRow and VerificationRow templates.

Both this topic, and the PendingRegistrations topic must be in the same web for the override to work:
  1. Copy this template topic to Main.PendingRegistrationsTemplate
  2. Edit Main.PendingRegistrationsTemplate and make the desired changes.
  3. Copy PendingRegistrations to Main.PendingRegistrations.
  4. PendingRegistrations will now generate a report using your tailored layout.

Templates for "Pending Approval" registrations

| *WikiName* | *Email* | *LastName* | *FirstName* | *LoginName* | *Code* | *Action* |

%TMPL:DEF{"approvalNotEnabled"}%<div class="foswikiAlert">%MAKETEXT{"Registration approval is not enabled."}%</div>%TMPL:END%
%MAKETEXT{"You can use the \"approve\" or \"reject\" links to approve or reject these registrations"}%

%TMPL:DEF{"ApprovalRow"}%| $WikiName | $Email | $LastName | $FirstName | $LoginName | $ApprovalCode |\
[[%SCRIPTURLPATH{"register" action="approve" code="$ApprovalCode" referee="%WIKINAME%"}%][%MAKETEXT{"Approve"}%]] / \
[[%SCRIPTURLPATH{"register" action="disapprove" code="$ApprovalCode" referee="%WIKINAME%"}%][%MAKETEXT{"Reject"}%]] |

Templates for "Pending Verification" registrations

| *WikiName* | *Email* | *LastName* | *FirstName* | *LoginName* | *Code* | 

%TMPL:DEF{"verifyNotEnabled"}%<div class="foswikiAlert">%MAKETEXT{"Email verification is not enabled."}%</div>%TMPL:END%

%TMPL:DEF{"VerificationRow"}%| $WikiName | $Email | $LastName | $FirstName | $LoginName | $VerificationCode |%TMPL:END%

Common templates

%TMPL:DEF{"accessdenied"}%<div class="foswikiAlert">%MAKETEXT{"Access to pending registrations is restricted to administrators."}%</div>%TMPL:END%
%TMPL:DEF{"nothingPending"}%<div class="foswikiAlert">%MAKETEXT{"No registrations are pending."}%</div>%TMPL:END%
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