Software action items, deliverables, milestones

  • change over to OwnCloud instead of Dropbox

  • produce working Makefile(s) for HEP system

  • Write up mathematics of survival probability calculation, define notation to use (LaTeX)

  • re-use existing code by Ian Cullen
    • to run over steps in neutrino path
    • return new state as three complex numbers
    • separate out neutrino survival probability calculation
    • read in mixing parameters from outside
    • common data structure mixing parameters and derived quantities
    • allow for multiple redundant calculations

  • add high resolution local density and abundance
    • use gamma-spectroscopy data?
    • use heat flux data?
    • 'ready made' geophysics model?

  • new code using McLaughlin and Kneller eigenvalues

  • new code solar exponential matter effects
    • find implementation of hypergeometry function
    • code analytical solution by T T Wu et al.

  • radioactive decay spectra
    • import existing code
    • check against measurements and/or ENSDEF
    • check against RAT spectra

  • solar neutrino emissivity (location, energy)

  • generate simulated flat spectrum SNO+ anti-neutrino events

  • process simulated events

  • attach weight factors to MC generated events

  • GPU speed up
    • install and run existing GPU calculation
    • identify CPU intensive parts of existing code
    • (prototype) demonstration of speedup

  • Validation
    • compare each calculation against all others
    • compare geoneutrino against published papers
    • compare standard solar against published papers

-- JoachimRose - 25 Nov 2014
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