-- SteveMaxfield - 01 May 2007

Minutes from SUSY/Extra Dimensions Meeting on 1st May 2007

  • Present : Neil, Barry, Helen, Phil, Paul (by phone)
  • The meetings will be jointly organised by Barry and Steve
  • Main topics:
    • Physics:
      • AMSB, GMSB, mSUGRA SUSY searches
      • Randall-Sundrum type I models Graviton -> EM objects (initilally photons)
    • Performance issues:
      • Photon ID non-pointing photons, ID/fake rates for v. high Pt photons.
      • jet/missing ET calibration
  • Brief status reports and actions:
    • Helen has made progress on LL method using generic package from Barry
    • Barry will chase up Howie Baer on incorporation of AMSB stuff into ISA-whatever
    • Steve wants >= version 12 gravitons to start more detailed efficiency studies (wrt photon conversions)
    • Paul P.'s n-tupling has stuck (post meeting note: overloading seems to be self-inflicted)
    • Paul will produce list of existing signal and background datasets with and without the 30mm/1mm simulation/recon problem
    • Paul will give status report next week: (signal plots in single lepton mode in particular)
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