Running on Cosmics at CERN


Carl has written a very useful script to run jobs on the (reprocessed ) cosmic data on the Lxplus batch queues. This has only been validated on the reprocessed data, using the default file. Please note that, this was validated in 14.5.X . The jobOption file that i used to test is in
Currently this won't work for RAW data, but can be modified. Please email if this is of use to you !

  • You will need to take care of the geometry tag yourself if you are not running on the reprocessed data.
    • It should take care of the magnetic field tag itself.
  • you will need to care that the doReadBS flag is correctly set in your jobOptions file


  • Setup ATLAS in your favourite release, and checkout the corresponding version of InDetRecExample.
    • to find out the corresponding version, type:
       cmt show versions InnerDetector/InDetExample/InDetRecExample 
    • to check out:
       cmt co -r InDetRecExample-XX-YY-ZZ InnerDetector/InDetExample/InDetRecExample 
  • Setup the directory:
      cd InnerDetector/InDetExample/InDetRecExample/cmt
      cmt config && source && gmake
      cd ../run
      cp ~hhayward/public/RunningOnCosmics/ ~hhayward/public/RunningOnCosmics/ .
      cp ../share/ .

  • make sure that doReadBS=False
  • edit such that it points to your directories and not mine !
  • you now should be able to run !


short Option Option explanation
-n --name name of job
-e --events number of events per subjob
-s --subjobs number of subjobs
-v --version software version
-o --output outpur directory
-q --queue lxplus batch queue
-j --jobopts jobOption file
-t --tag project tag, e.g. data08_idcomm, data08_cosmag,data08_cos
-r --run run number
-S --stream trigger stream, e.g physics_IDCosmic
-T --type type of input, e.g. ESD, AOD, DPD
-g --geo Geometry version
-z --test Test (create scripts, but do not submit jobs)
-h --help print this help and exit

-- HelenHayward - 16 Feb 2009
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