AOD access from ATHENA v 14

Instructions on how to run the Liverpool/Birmingham code that accesses AOD in Athena with overlap removal.

First log on to a machine with the ATHENA software (at Liverpool alpha, beta etc., up, down etc.)

Setup your cmthome directory
mkdir cmthome
cd cmthome

Download the file requirements and put it in cmthome:

Set up ATHENA for first time
source /batchsoft/atlas/athena/14.2.25/CMT/*/mgr/
cmt config

Setup a work directory
mkdir AtlasWork14
cd AtlasWork14
mkdir 14.2.25
cd  14.2.25

Setup ATHENA environment
source ~/cmthome/ -tag=14.2.25

Set up cvs and log into CERN. Note, from 1st june, kerberos version 5 is required.

export CVSEDITOR=pico
/usr/kerberos/bin/kinit -5 username@CERN.CH

Get the code
cd $TestArea
cvs co groups/blanalysis/BLBasic groups/blanalysis/BLUserExamples groups/blanalysis/bl_tools
[ Note: Subsequently all you need to do is setup
 source ~/cmthome/ -tag=14.2.25 

Make version.cmt files:
cd $TestArea/groups/blanalysis/

cd BLUserExamples/cmt
cmt bro cmt config
cmt bro source
cmt bro gmake
[ Note: Subsequently for most compiles you can speed things up with:
  gmake -f ../i686-slc4-gcc34-opt/BLUserExamples.make QUICK=yes 
If this doesn't work use the full compile:
 cmt bro gmake

copy over joboption files
cd ../run
cp ../share/*.py .
uncomment the lines for the file lists in and

e.g. for Liverpool it would be
 #include( "" )
Run the code >& Zee.out & >& Zmumu.out &

Plot the results
root -b -q ../Root/runFile.C

Photon Example

To run photon example:
cd $TestArea
cvs co groups/blanalysis/BLPhotonExamples
cd groups/blanalysis/BLPhotonExamples/cmt
cmt config
cd ..
mkdir run
cd run
cp ../share/* .
Edit jobOptions files to include appropriate Geometry version and input file names:
athena > test.log &
To find out the Geometry version of the input file use: -f  [full path to inputfile]  

and look for a line like :
       GeoAtlas                                            ATLAS-CSC-02-01-00 

To find out whats on the AOD in v14 run: filename.pool.root
-- HelenHayward - 13 Jun 2008


-- HelenHayward - 13 Jun 2008

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