H1 Forward Tracker Monitoring

H1 Forward Tracker Calibration & Monitoring

The drift chambers of the H1 Forward Tracker are continuously monitored during data-taking at L4 on the farm and at L5 during reconstruction. The time evolution of various quantities of interest are made available on the web.

An automated calibration and monitoring program runs on the dice machine as a cron job four times a day at 05.30, 11.30, 17.30 and 23.30 GMT. This produces various outputs that can then be examined on the web.

The status file gives the time at which the last auto-calibration job was run and the last L4/L5 run numbers processed. A status history file is also available and shows the processing history.

The time histories of quantities monitored from the L4 histograms are updated each time.

The time histories of quantities monitored from the L5 histograms are updated each time.

The L4 time histories of the monitored quanities are available as individual PS files together with histories from previous years from the L4 Monitoring page.

L5 monitoring is under developement. Please look and give feedback.

Current Histories for Yesterday

The following links provide the monitored current histories for the forward chambers, Radial 0, 1, 2 and Planar 0, 1, 2 for the last 24 hours upto midnight. They are automatically updated at 04.00 hours each day.

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