H1 FTD L4 Monitoring

H1 FTD L4 Monitoring

Whereas the single PS file containing all the plots is regenerated four times a day, the individual files available here for the current data taking are only generated once a day at 08.00.

The figures accessible individually below are available in single PS files for 1996 , 1997 and 1998/9

Drift Velocity & Tzero

It is important to maintain accurate drift velocities and Tzeros for the Radial and Planar chambers as calibration constants on the database to ensure the best reconstructed track parameters. The history of the monitored values of these quantities together with the calibration constants maintained on the database are available for:

For the 1997/8 plots the red points are normal ep data runs (minimal cuts), the green points satisfy tighter cuts and are used for the calibration, the blue points are runs at which a database update was triggered, whilst the yellow points are cosmic and stable proton beam runs (these are very rare).

The radial drift velocity is that determined in the reconstruction at L5 by using tracks defined by the planar chambers. (But not for 1993!!)

The solid lines on these figures represent the calibration value in the database for each of the quantities. The dashed lines are the plus/minus 1% bounds on the database value.

Mean Charge and Efficiency

Also available is the history of the mean charge of 'good clean' hits and the hit finding efficiencies for both the Radial and Planar chambers:

1996 Cosmic Runs

Two figures are available and give variation of drift velocity, twin peaks drift velocity, tzero and mean charge with run number for planars and radials.

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