H1 FTD L5 Monitoring

H1 FTD L5 Monitoring

L5 monitoring plots for 1997 available here. ( Warning this is 8.7 Mb ) Feed back on which plots are useful is required.

A subset of the above plots are now created and updated automatically in the standard cron job and are available for current running and for 1998 and 1997. Feedback please, what other plots might be useful, is it already too many?

The following is archive material relating to 1997

L5 vertex fit x-y residuals relative to central tracker.
Scatter plot + x-y projections.
Lego plot + x-y projections.
x-y projections plus x-y profiles.
L5 delta(q/p) results

L5 delta(q/p) plots summed over many L5 runs available here.
The problems are all in the low momentum bins, particularly 0.10-0.22, how much faith does one have in the linking of tracks of such low momentum anyway?? There does not appear to be the problem at high momentum.

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