Victoria Building

Liverpool 25th - 30th April 2000

8th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering 

Hadronic Structure and QCD
Lepton-parton and parton-parton physics
Future experimental opportunities

Welcome to the DIS2000 home page - please reload the page in your browser to ensure that you have the very latest. We are now wrapping up the conference. Progress towards the publication of the proceedings will be made available here.

DIS2000 (poster here) was organised by the High Energy Physics Group of the Department of Physics at the University of Liverpool.

Previous workshops took place in Durham, Eilat, Paris , Rome, Chicago, Brussels and Zeuthen.

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Please note that there will be no information bulletins for this conference.

Pages, including this one, will be updated regularly as details are finalised and new information becomes available.

Latest update 1/5/00:

We are busy wrapping up the conference - we hope that everyone left happily and that they enjoyed their time in Liverpool. The organisers thank everyone for their tremendous work to ensure that the meeting achieved what it set out to do.

You may have been wondering if summer persisted after it arrived in the middle of the conference when the sun finally came out! The weather is reported here from two meteorological stations.

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DIS 2000 is supported by

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Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
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