Science is so interesting. You have a right to know what we research and discover.


My talks cover particle physics (general), the Large Hadron Collider, latest particle physics news, the Higgs boson, antimatter, dark matter, the scientific method, CERN, and most things that these topics connect to.

Many of my talks are recorded and then hosted on youtube or google. Here are examples:

What's coming up?

  • Astrofest, 10/11 Feb 2017
  • Particle Physics Masterclass, UCD, March 2017
  • CERN patron's talk, Science Museum, March 2017
  • Science in the Snug, Liverpool, May 2017
  • New Scientist trip to CERN, June 2017
  • Introduction to particle physics for this year's CERN summer students, July 2017
  • IOP arts/science workshop, October 2017
  • Antimatter Matters, with the Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment, December 2017
  • Scientific American cruise, July 2018


I interview for news, for documentaries, host, guest and help researchers and reporters in film, radio, online, print. Get in touch if I can help you.

What's coming up?


Everything else

I write, and collaborate with artists and novelists to explore different ways of understanding concepts. I am also sometimes involved in creating particle physics exhibits.

  • Antimatter Matters, created for the 2016 Royal Society Summer exhibition. Exhibited in London, Gravity Fields and Manchester Science festivals so far.
  • Collaborations with novelists; several under SciTalk, recently Sara Maitland and Adam Marek with Comma Press
  • Collaborations with artists; with Christoph Keller, Michael Krause under Arts@CERN, and helping new collaborations with FACT's Collide@CERN programme
  • The Liverpool View, Physics Focus, Beyond the Microscope podcasts, and to accompany videos for the Institute of Arts and Ideas
  • Essays to accompany short stories for Comma Press, updates for CERN news and the CERN courier,
  • I also like reviewing books

What's coming up?

  • The No Such Thing as Gravity exhibit at FACT, a pilot for the three year CERN FACT Arts@CERN residencies. Watch this space!
  • Art/science discussion with artist Yunchul Kim as part of his FACT residency, April 2017.
  • Antimatter Matters at the Big Bang Fair, March 2017.