internal package Foswiki::Plugins::EditTablePlugin::Data

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Helper class parses tables to take out table texts, and stores table cell data.



The guts of this routine was initially copied from and were used in the ChartPlugin Table object which this was copied from, but this has been modified to support the functionality needed by the EditTablePlugin. One major change is to only count and save tables following an tag.

This routine basically returns an array of hashes where each hash contains the information for a single table. Thus the first hash in the array represents the first table found on the topic page, the second hash in the array represents the second table found on the topic page, etc.

_trimCellsInRow (\@rowCells)

Trim any leading and trailing white space and/or '*'.

_trimSpaces( $text ) -> $text

Removes spaces from both sides of the text.

Puts tags on a new line to better deal with TablePlugin variables: because $PATTERN_EDITTABLEPLUGIN is greedy this tag would otherwise be grabbed together with the EDITTABLE tag

Return the contents of the specified cell

Return an entire table, or an empty list
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