Applied Antineutrino Physics 2016

1st - 2nd December

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The 12th meeting on Applied Antineutrino Physics will be held from December 1st, Thursday morning till December 2nd, Friday afternoon at the University of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK. In the Mandela room of the Student's Guild.

A Reception will be held on the evening of the Wednesday 30th November, in the Victoria Gallery and Musuem. With a chance to explore the World in a Particle Exhibition, charting the contribution of the University of Liverpool to the field of Particle Physics - Past, Present and Future.

The Applied Antineutrino Physics workshops are focused on applications of neutrinos such as Reactor Monitoring, safeguards, non-proliferation, geophysics, remote detection of reactors, including relevant technology developments. As a result of these workshops, several small antineutrino detectors, designed explicitly for operation very close to a reactor, are being built or operated worldwide. Applications for the detection of hidden nuclear reactor and nuclear explosion are also being investigated. A major focus of this workshop will be on the flux and the spectra of reactor antineutrinos.

The field of geoneutrinos made significant progress over the last ten years thanks to the measurements by KamLAND and Borexino. Future experiments will further improve these results and constrain Earth models. Plans and progress will be presented. We also expect to report progress towards Coherent Neutrino Scatter (CNS) detection.

To stay as lively as in the previous editions, we would like to limit the number of invited participants to 60 persons maximum. We kindly ask you to register at your earliest convenience.

A list of particpants can be found here.