On disk services

This section last updated     Feb 00


Proposed naming convention for forward services and module positions on disks First draft for discussion   .doc

A sample of 9 tapes for the forward system tests is available here - naming of files assumes the convention outlined in the document above.

Tape outlines were modelled in 3D and flattened into  Autocad dwg files -                John Noviss / Jason Tarrant RAL

3D representation of (pdf) power tapes on wheels  backtapes   front tapes    back    front  Please note that these are
drawings made early in the design process and are not completely accurate They are included here only as a guide.

dwg files of tape outlines from RAL  dwg files
Tapes were laid out with tracks in autocad and dxf and gerber files produced        Alan Muir / John Carroll Liverpool
dxf files (Autocad 12)   dxf             these exist in Acad 2000 please ask if you would like these as a different release.
dwg files  dwg
gerber files  gerber