first 9 power tapes for forward system tests.
       gerber files  top layer            M-04T      M-05T   M-03T       I-03T   I-04T   I-05T   O-05T   O-06T   O-07T
                    bottom layer           M-04B      M-05B   M-03B       I-03B   I-04B   I-05B   O-05B   O-06B   O-07B
                    outlines                  M-040      M-050   M-030         I-030   I-040   I-050   O-050   O-060   O-070

 for first 10 prototypes use these three files O-05T  O-05B  O-050
                                             N.B. Wide end of tape should be unglued for approx 3cm narrow end should be
                                                     unglued up to the wide end of the taper