Forward Tracker Banks After Upgrade

The following is the bank structure for the Forward tracker. The old banks (FTKR, FTPR, FTPX) are preserved (but first two renamed as FTRK, FTEP). FTRX is recycled as FTQX. It is this change in meaning that forces us to rename the banks. The FTREC output will now also include track segments (FZGM) and clusters (FCLP, FCLQ) together with a set of pointer and pointering banks.

                                                      DDL's for the banks are in new ddl


(The bank structure pre-upgrade will also be modified by the inclusion of the new segment and cluster banks see: Modified Old Banks)

Internal Banks
In addition there are internal banks. The structure (some) of these is in Internal Segment Banks
and Internal Track Banks

DDL's for the banks are also in new ddl

Where possible, I have tried to adhere to a naming convention:

Relationships Bank DDLs

Here are provisional DDLs:

          new ddl    to be completed