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Prof. Dr. Costas Andreopoulos
At any given time our group spans 15 time zones, with group members based at the University of Liverpool, at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory just south of Oxford, at Fermilab west of Chicago, and at J-PARC north of Tokyo.

We became nomads to pursue the best science and to address some of the most important questions in our field. Our focus is on accelerator-based neutrino physics, and we conduct research mainly in the Fermilab SBN programme, particularly in the SBND experiment, and in the T2K experiment in Japan. We contribute to R&D for the future DUNE experiment in US, and explore disruptive neutrino applications in the ESA-funded POSITRINO project. The group is renowned for its expertise in the area of advanced neutrino data analysis and physics simulations, and we lead VALOR and GENIE, two well-known brand names in neutrino physics.

Meet my awesome group below, and find photos from our research activities and trips at the group's Instagram account. Group Instagram account

If you're interested in joining us for a PhD, look here for information on our current and past PhD students, their amazing projects, publications, awards and career progression.

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