internal package Foswiki::Plugins::TreePlugin

Tag handler for TREE and TREEVIEW Build up our cache if needed. TODO: find away to do this asynchronously? fork or AJAX? It's probably good enough like that @param Hash reference containing all our nodes by id @param Node object of the web root just to make sure we don't try caching it @param The Web to creat the cache for Get a comma separated list of children from a node

@param The Node from which we need the list of children Fetch the cache for the given Topic in the specified Web cache

@param The Web for which to fetch the cache @param The Topic root cache we are interrested in Create a new node object and add it to the given hash @param [in] scalar node id @param [in] scalar hash reference @return Pointer to Foswiki::Plugins::TreePlugin::TWikiNode object Just do a
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given attribute and formatter returns \n-seperated list of topics, each topic line is composed of topicname|modtime|author|summary (if applicable)

@param [in] scalar. The web to search for. @param [in] hash reference. The tag parameters. @param [in] reference to a formatter object. @return The output of our
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Used by some formater. Useless really smile
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