internal package Foswiki::PageCache::DBI

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internal package Foswiki::PageCache::DBI

Implements a Foswiki::PageCache using a DBI compatible backend.

ClassMethod new( ) → $object

Construct a new page cache and makes sure the database is ready

ObjectMethod init()

Initializes and connects to the database

ObjectMethod setPageVariation($web, $topici, $variationKey, $variation)

stores a page and its meta data

ObjectMethod getPageVariation($web, $topic, $variationKey)

retrievs a cache entry; returns undef if there is none.

ObjectMethod deleteAll()

drops all data and rebuilts the database

ObjectMethod deletePage($web, $topic, $variation)

See Foswiki::PageCache::deletePage() for more information.

ObjectMethod deleteDependencies($web, $topic, $variation)

Remove a dependency from the graph

ObjectMethod setDependencies($web, $topic, $variation, @topics)

See Foswiki::PageCache::setDependencies() for more information

ObjectMethod getDependencies($web, $topic, $variation)

Returns the list of topics being used to render the given web.topic. This method is mainly used for testing and debugging purposes.

ObjectMethod fireDependency($web, $topic)

Deletes all cache entries that point here.

See Foswiki::PageCache::fireDependency() for more.

ObjectMethod connect()

connects to the database

ObjectMethod createTables()

creates the database tables if not existing yet

ObjectMethod _rebuild()

drops all tables and creates new ones.

ObjectMethod finish()

cleans up the mess we left behind

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