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This is just the scratch area for testing the new plugins.

  1. Link to ThomasScratch.
  2. nothing
  3. again

The time in Liverpool is %LOCALCITYTIME{"Europe/London"}%

Tag cloud for this topic:

%TAGCLOUD{"$percntINCLUDE{\"ATLAS.ScratchArea\"}$percnt" header="
" format="$term" footer="
" buckets="40" offset="12" lowercase="on" stopwords="on" plural="off" min="2" map="bucket=pail" }%

This could maybe used as an aside for documents and minutes to show the frequency of buzzwords! I wonder if there is a way of combining multiple topics?

Time since I was born into this world:

%TIMESINCE{"14 Aug 1977 - 11:30" units="7" seconds="on"}%

This is a green square produced by the draw plugin:


Simple functionality checklist

To let me gauge your competency as a TWiki guru please fill in the table below once each step is completed:

Functionality test Completed
Access this page DONE
Log in as user sjm  
Edit this page  
Create and save a topic in the sandbox web  
Add headings and sub-headings to a topic  
Make text in a topic bold and italic  
Add a table to a topic  
Add wiki and external links to a topic  
Add an anchor link to a topic  
Add a table of contents to a topic  
Attach a file to a topic  
Apply TWiki variables in a topic  
Add TWiki documentation graphics to a topic  

Plugin checklist

Have a quick test of the installed plugins to see if they function as expected. Some of the plugins can be quite elaborate and take a while to fully understand the syntax so it might be best for now to look try the default or most simple use case and build up from there. If you can see that the plugins will definitely be of use for people using the HEP twiki then mention this under the comments column. I have highlighted a possible scenarios where possible but feel free to edit these where applicable.

Plugin Possible useSorted ascending Tested Comments
%TWIKIWEB%.CommentPlugin Add suggestions and comments to the end of published articles    
%TWIKIWEB%.TWikiDrawPlugin Collaborate on quick box and arrow diagrams    
Event managment
%TWIKIWEB%.BeautifierPlugin Highlight code fragments in a topic    
Image handling
%TWIKIWEB%.CalendarPlugin Meeting and event listings    
%TWIKIWEB%.ChecklistPlugin Personal todo list, task lists for a group    
Project and task Managment
%TWIKIWEB%.HeadlinesPlugin RSS feeds from both internal pages and external twikis and news sources    
%TWIKIWEB%.TagCloudPlugin Show the buzzwords in topics!    
%TWIKIWEB%.SpreadSheetPlugin Simple data tallying, quick calculations    
%TWIKIWEB%.NewsPlugin Summary from RSS feeds    
%TWIKIWEB%.RecentChangesPlugin Summary of changes from around the site    

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