FTD Auto-calibration Status
FTD Auto-calibration Status

Last update: Fri Jul 4 11:35:33 GMT 1997

Last L4 run analysed was 194030
Last L4 run with FT histograms was 194030
Last L5 run analysed was 194003

10 L5 runs 193976 == >193993 were processed with optimum calibration.
4 L5 runs 193994 ==> 194003 may have been processed with non-optimum calibration.

L5 calibration status history

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* optimum : This means that auto-calibration had already been performed at the time these L5 runs were processed.

* non-optimum : This means that between two auto-calibration cron jobs, the L5 processing got passed the L4 run upto which auto-calibration had been performed and the database updated. It DOES not mean that the calibration constants used were necessarily wrong, but they might have been.