FTD Auto-calibration Status
FTD Auto-calibration Status

Last update: Wed Dec 8 14:37:08 GMT 1999

Last L4 run analysed was 261048
Last L4 run with FT histograms was 261048
Last L5 run analysed was 259685 L5H.R0259686 Job FAIL

L5 runs - none processed since last job

L5 calibration status history

L5 calibration status history for 1997

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* optimum : This means that auto-calibration had already been performed at the time these L5 runs were processed.

* non-optimum : This means that the L4 calibration was performed too late for use at L5. It DOES not mean that the calibration constants used were necessarily wrong, but they might have been. This is rectified if L5 is re-processed.