links to useful info relating to electronics, pcb design, properties of materials, EMC, grounding and shielding........etc

 link to lots of calculators
 Trace width versus temperature rise calculator

Impedance and capacitance calculators
 inductance calulations for different geometry loops
 stripline impedance calculator N.B differential calculation uses formula for surface stripline not embedded - see note below on differential impedance
Note on differential impedance - useful for kapton cable design
 stripline calculator - includes delay calculation
 Packaging technology -  bond wire inductance chart
 simple page on electrostatics and magnetics - but has Flemings Rule for motion current and field at the end -- can you remember if its left or right for a motor or generator
 Chip capacitor parasitics
 Skin effect calculations - not a calculator

EMC Grounding &Shielding
 Avoiding common EMI problems in medical electronoics
 G&S in audio and video
 Wide dynamic range interfaces - - where g&s is important
Subtleties count in wide dynamic range interfaces
 good explanations of magnetic materials, dielectrics silicon fabrication etc

PCB fab
 Cicorel PCB

 Simetrix - easy to use SPICE - free download - all nodes are stored so no need to rerun the simulation to look around the circuit       Brilliant!!!

 Wirebonding guidelines