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Ground scheme on forward hybrids gndschem.ps ,

opto chips on forward hybrid


a4tv0.ps , a4tm1.ps , a4ti1-2n.ps, a4tv1-2.ps , a4tm2.ps , a4ti2-3n.ps, a4tv2-3.ps , a4tm3.ps , a4ti3-4n.ps, a4tv3-4.ps , a4tm4.ps , a4t-ovly.ps, a4bv0.ps , a4bm1.ps , a4bi1-2n.ps, a4bv1-2.ps , a4bm2.ps , a4bi2-3n.ps,

PS files of print layers (note - via pads do not print due to a postscript conversion problem- to be fixed)

substrate outline for opto on board - updated version 4 with 2 off 1.8mm holes afwds04.ps, afwds04.dxf afwds04.drl

LAYER IMAGES IN autocad (DXF) FORMAT (version 4)

a4tv0.dxf , a4tm1.dxf , a4ti1-2n.dxf, a4tv1-2.dxf , a4tm2.dxf , a4ti2-3n.dxf, a4tv2-3.dxf , a4tm3.dxf , a4ti3-4n.dxf, a4tv3-4.dxf , a4tm4.dxf , a4t-ovly.dxf, a4bv0.dxf , a4bm1.dxf , a4bi1-2n.dxf, a4bv1-2.dxf , a4bm2.dxf , a4bi2-3n.dxf,

GERBER PLOT FILES, (version 4) gerber apertures and overview of layer buildup

a4tv0.lgr , a4tm1.lgr , a4ti1-2n.lgr, a4tv1-2.lgr , a4tm2.lgr , a4ti2-3n.lgr, a4tv2-3.lgr , a4tm3.lgr , a4ti3-4n.lgr, a4tv3-4.lgr , a4tm4.lgr , a4t-ovly.lgr, a4bv0.lgr , a4bm1.lgr , a4bi1-2n.lgr, a4bv1-2.lgr , a4bm2.lgr , a4bi2-3n.lgr,

a4aperts.txt ,aperture list

a4part.txt ,parts list

a4build2.txt ,hybrid construction

new release of schematic (v1.2) includes filters on resetb and select lines and bypass ground line resistor moved

Partial schematic of opto-on-board option 1 (doric and LDC/VDC chips on hybrid)

single sheet (rev 1.2)optcon1.ps

blow up of top half (rev1.1)optcon1a.ps

blow up of bottom half(rev1.1)optcon1b.ps

bpmenc2.ps , Bi_phase mark encoder for support card v2- working document - for discussion only

Files associated with a proposal to mount opto chips on the forward hybrids with the PIN diode and VECSEL optical components mounted in a separate electrically pluggable package.

This has been studied as a response to the perceived difficulties of service routing, mounting and connecting modules on forward wheels using the original concept of chips and opto components mounted on separate kapton cables.

Outline of main points optoshrt.ps,

More detail optolong.ps

3D construction drawing of pluggable opto module optoassy.ps,

Opto chip on board-- preliminary plots

Preliminary schematic of opto module, opto chips and power tape connections to forward hybrid optosch.ps,

Preliminary placement of opto chips on underside of hybrid opchipvu.ps,

Pinouts of ldc and doric chips. ldcdoric.ps,

Top side view of hybrid showing opto module and connector placement opconplc.ps,

Views of services on disk. These do not yet show correct detail of the hybrid connectors.

(Note - the ps files are big -use gif if possible)

600_01B.ps, 600_01B.gif,front side

600_02B.ps, 600_02B.gif,back side

conposn.ps, proposed final connector position - note pin numbers are incorrect - use schematic


Plug-in opto pcb and adapter for bit error rate tests using barrel pigtail kapton optopcb1.dxf,dxf file.

optopcb1.ps,ps version showing 2 layer boards with and without ground plane areas for clarity.


NO new info below this point

since summer '98

- adapter cable for linking forward hybrids to barrel support cards

fwdadapt.ps,file showing adapter cable, barrel support card and forward module.

Liverpool end-tap ABC/ABCD Forward Hybrids Version 1a

OLD Hybrid, proposed forward opto and power cable pin assignments. The pin assignments here are designed so that the interconnecting, two-layer, kapton cable can be made without crossovers or the need for plating through. This will allow this cable to be made from two layers of aluminium on kapton.

OLDtopology.ps, side view of connectors and cables to a forward module

OLDpower.ps, pin assignment and trace topology of kapton

OLDpwrcon.ps, enlarged view of power tape connections

OLDhybcon.ps, enlarged view of hybrid connector

OLDoptocon.ps, enlarged view of opto connector

Files for ceramic substrate production

(version 1a)

afwds02.ps, dimensioned drawing of substrate

afwds02.drl, text file of small hole co-ordinates

afwds02.dxf, autocad drawing of substrate


(version 1a)

a2tv0.dxf , a2tm1.dxf , a2ti1-2n.dxf, a2ti1-2a.dxf, a2ti1-2b.dxf, a2tv1-2.dxf , a2tm2.dxf , a2ti2-3n.dxf, a2tv2-3.dxf , a2tm3.dxf , a2ti3-4n.dxf, a2tv3-4.dxf , a2tm4.dxf , a2t-ovly.dxf, a2bv0.dxf , a2bm1.dxf , a2bi1-2n.dxf, a2bv1-2.dxf , m a2bm2.dxf , a2bi2-3n.dxf, a2b-ovly.dxf,

abc1apcb.dxf, full pcb database image (7.4MB). To understand use of layer names see pltabc1a.mac, this is a text format macro file used for producing plots from the PCAD database and contains all the layer names, their use in the database and the groupings of layers for plot production There are many layers in the database other than those used for plot production, containing mechanical info, layer buildup etc. Please understand that this database file has evolved over time and several different pcb and hybrid designs so it contains information on some layers that may not be up to date or relevant.


a2tv0.ps , a2tm1.ps , a2ti1-2n.ps, a2ti1-2a.ps, a2ti1-2b.ps, a2tv1-2.ps , a2tm2.ps , a2ti2-3n.ps, a2tv2-3.ps , a2tm3.ps , a2ti3-4n.ps, a2tv3-4.ps , a2tm4.ps , a2t-ovly.ps, a2bv0.ps , a2bm1.ps , a2bi1-2n.ps, a2bv1-2.ps , m a2bm2.ps , a2bi2-3n.ps, a2b-ovly.ps,

discrete component list partabcd.txt ,

NEW NEW NEW ---- may '98



FORWARD HYBRID SCHEMATIC version 1 for version 1a hybrid ---

scha0.dxf, dxf file of full schematic which if plotted at A1 size will give readable text if the plot is good.

scha0.ps, postscript file of whole schematic - but too small to read unless you can enlarge it so there now follow 16 A4 size sheets which can be put together to form an A0 plot if you have no other option

scha4-1.ps, scha4-2.ps, scha4-3.ps, scha4-4.ps, scha4-5.ps, scha4-6.ps, scha4-7.ps, scha4-8.ps, scha4-9.ps, scha4-10.ps, scha4-11.ps, scha4-12.ps, scha4-13.ps, scha4-14.ps, scha4-15.ps, scha4-16.ps,

Next ABC/ABCD Forward Hybrids Version 3

subst3.ps, substrate outline - drawing NP27-03-116



original and proposed increased cooling contact area on forward hybrids.

NOTE that the new increased area is close to the maximum possible using the original V1 hybrid profile. This has been achieved by removing all diagnostic lines and removing the bus and resistors required for distribution of the CAFE current setting line. If these are required then this new contact area will have to be reduced.

kapton3.dxf, kapton3.ps,

REV3 possible kapton layout for opto board on the face of the wheel --- preliminary and incomplete.

abcdinnr.dxf, abcdinnr.ps, inner ring kapton ----preliminary and incomplete

last update march 31st 1998

Liverpool end-tap CDP Forward Hybrids

Some plots of the component overlay etc. of the cdp/lbic/cafe/hac forward hybrid. Note that the schematic and component assignments are essentially the same as the original Carl Haber barrel version A single sided version was also produced on alumina using only the top side plots.

comptop.ps,top side component layout

conn.ps,top side enlarged connector assignment

cdpbond.ps,bonding for cdp

hacbond.ps,bonding for hac

lbicbond.ps,bonding for lbic

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