Liverpool end-tap ABC/ABCD Forward Hybrids

This section last updated FEB '98

Hybrid, proposed forward opto and power cable pin assignments. The pin assignments here are designed so that the interconnecting, two-layer, kapton cable can be made without crossovers or the need for plating through. This will allow this cable to be made from two layers of aluminium on kapton.

topology.ps, side view of connectors and cables to a forward module

power.ps, pin assignment and trace topology of kapton

pwrcon.ps, enlarged view of power tape connections

hybcon.ps, enlarged view of hybrid connector

optocon.ps, enlarged view of opto connector

Files for ceramic substrate production

(version 1a)

afwds02.ps, dimensioned drawing of substrate

afwds02.drl, text file of small hole co-ordinates

afwds02.dxf, autocad drawing of substrate


(version !a)

a2tv0.dxf , a2tm1.dxf , a2ti1-2n.dxf, a2ti1-2a.dxf, a2ti1-2b.dxf, a2tv1-2.dxf , a2tm2.dxf , a2ti2-3n.dxf, a2tv2-3.dxf , a2tm3.dxf , a2ti3-4n.dxf, a2tv3-4.dxf , a2tm4.dxf , a2t-ovly.dxf, a2bv0.dxf , a2bm1.dxf , a2bi1-2n.dxf, a2bv1-2.dxf , m a2bm2.dxf , a2bi2-3n.dxf, a2b-ovly.dxf,

NEW NEW NEW FEB 98 abc1apcb.dxf, full pcb database image (7.4MB). To understand use of layer names see pltabc1a.mac, this is a text format macro file used for producing plots from the PCAD database and contains all the layer names, their use in the database and the groupings of layers for plot production There are many layers in the database other than those used for plot production, containing mechanical info, layer buildup etc. Please understand that this database file has evolved over time and several different pcb and hybrid designs so it contains information on some layers that may not be up to date or relevant. LAYER IMAGES IN postscript FORMAT (version !a)

a2tv0.ps , a2tm1.ps , a2ti1-2n.ps, a2ti1-2a.ps, a2ti1-2b.ps, a2tv1-2.ps , a2tm2.ps , a2ti2-3n.ps, a2tv2-3.ps , a2tm3.ps , a2ti3-4n.ps, a2tv3-4.ps , a2tm4.ps , a2t-ovly.ps, a2bv0.ps , a2bm1.ps , a2bi1-2n.ps, a2bv1-2.ps , m a2bm2.ps , a2bi2-3n.ps, a2b-ovly.ps,

discrete component list partabcd.txt ,

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