ABCD test

Plots for first forward hybrid populated with 6 ABCD chips

Hybrid No 15

Chip 1 wafer=1N id=1011 Q=3.02 Gain=61.95

Chip 2 wafer=1N id=2011 Q=3.02 Gain=61.18

Chip 3 wafer=1N id=1012 Q=3.03 Gain=66.06

Chip 4 wafer=1N id=2016 Q=2.91 Gain=65.38

Chip 5 wafer=1N id=2015 Q=2.84 Gain=63.46

Chip 6 wafer=1N id=3008 Q=1.89 Gain=61.34

Plots from bare chips (no fanout no detector)

Vref scans: WARNING THESE ARE BIG FILES!!!, at 2fC, at 4fC

set of response curves for 68 channels,

Timing scan of one chip in an attempt to look at pulse shape.

Iinput = 9 counts (82.8uA) Ishape = 9 counts (9.8uA) cal size 48 counts (6fC)

The bottom axis is reversed in time and is from 1-63 in steps of 2 of the on chip calibrate timing delay register. The vertical axis is the value of threshold at which >20% efficiency was first detected after scanning DOWN with decreasing threshold from vthresh = 200 counts .,

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