HEP Group
Department of Physics
The University of Liverpool
Oxford Street
Liverpool L69 7ZE

0044 (0)151 794 3403

Room 6
Floor 3C
Building 40
CH-1211 Gèneve 23

0041 2276 71168


I am a reseach assistant in the HEP group at the University of Liverpool, where I work on b-tagging and tau physics at the ATLAS experiment. I also act as the Inner Detector software release coordinator. For a full list of my ATLAS publications see here.

I teach a postgraduate course in C++, which can be found here. I also used to do some escience stuff: for a step-by-step guide to starting on the grid with ATLAS see here and for some useful grid commands see here.

I did my PhD at the University of Manchester, where I measured the Diffractive Photoproduction of ρ Mesons with Large Momentum Transfer at the H1 experiment. For a full list of my publications as part of the H1 Collabroation see here.

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