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Links to recent research outputs (journal publications, technical notes and codes)

  Neutrino Interaction Phenomenology
• GENIE Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator
    → Official web page
    → Main publication: Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A614 (2010) 87-104

  T2K Neutrino Oscillation Analysis
VALOR fitting group T2K outputs:
T2K collected data in several periods with different conditions and proton-on-target (POT) exposures, both in neutrino-enhanced Forward Horn Current (FHC) and antineutrino-enhanced Reversed Horn Current (RHC) modes: Run 1 (01-06/2010, FHC: 0.323x1020 POT), Run 2 (10/2010-03/2011, FHC: 1.108x1020 POT), Run 3 (03-06/2012, FHC: 1.579x1020 POT), Run 4 (10/2012-05/2013, FHC: 3.560x1020 POT), Run 5 (05-06/2014, FHC: 0.242x1020 POT and RHC: 0.506x1020 POT), Run 6 (10/2014-06/2015, FHC: 0.190x1020 POT and RHC: 3.505x1020 POT), Run 7 (02-05/2016, FHC: 0.480x1020 POT and RHC: 3.460x1020 POT), Run 8 (10/2016-04/2017, FHC: 7.170x1020 POT), and Run 9 (10/2017-05/2018, FHC: 0.204x1020 POT and RHC: 8.788x1020 POT)

  T2K Neutrino Interaction Modelling and Systematics
• T2K interface to GENIE: paper (T2K/TN-006)
• Tools for propagating model uncertainties in physics analyses: paper (T2K/TN-007)
• Generator-level uncertainties and their effect on SK samples: paper (T2K/TN-035)

  T2K ND280 ECAL

  DUNE Sensitivity and Optimization Studies
VALOR fitting group DUNE outputs:
VALOR provides a sensitive joint 3-flavour oscillation and systematics constraint fit for DUNE, and produced the first-ever realistic sensitivity calculations from an end-to-end analysis using full event simulation and reconstruction.

  SBN sterile neutrino oscillation analysis
VALOR fitting group SBN outputs:
VALOR provides a joint sterile neutrino oscillation and systematics constraint fit for SBN considering all measured exclusive channels from all three SBN LArTPC detectors (SBND, MicroBooNE, ICARUS). We're also exploring use of VALOR for neutrino interaction cross-section measurements using folded distributions and we're prototyping such analyses for SBND.

  • [new SBN fit using few simulation and reconstruction in progress]