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The Liverpool HEP group is involved in a number of key experiments around the world.

See more details of our strategy, or click on the links below for details of specific experiments.


Project Location Status Physics Hardware Contribution
ATLAS CERN Installation Search for New Physics, Higgs, Supersymmetry, Standard Model, Top Forward Silicon Central Tracker
BaBar SLAC Data taking Heavy flavour physics, CP violation, Standard Model tests, tau physics EM Calorimeter Endcap
CDF Fermilab Data taking Search for New Physics, Supersymmetry, B physics Layer 00 Silicon Tracker
H1 DESY Data taking QCD studies Forward Tracker
KM3NeT Undersea Observatory Design Studies and R&D Neutrino Astronomy
LCFI UK collaboration Planning and R&D Pixel-based vertex detector for ILC
LHCb CERN Installation Quark Flavour Physics, Rare B decays Vertex Detector (VELO)
T2K Tokai/Kamioka Design and construction Long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment EM Calorimeter for near detector

LHCb VELO modules, constructed at Liverpool

- LHCb VELO modules, constructed at Liverpool