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Higgs Analysis

Searching for the Higgs at the LHC

Within the first few years of data taking, the LHC, should allow us to discover the Higgs boson if it exists. The Liverpool ATLAS group is engaged in a number of Higgs analysis. We are involved in:

  • H → ZZ* → 4l (l=e,μ,τ)
  • H → ZZ* → 2l2b (l=e,μ)
  • ZH → 2l2b (l=e,μ)
  • H → ττ
Higgs Discovery Potential

The figure above shows the Higgs discovery potential for low luminosity running. The red and the navy blue lines show the potential of find the Higgs with the two channels the Liverpool group are working on.

Higgs → ZZ* → 4l

The decay channel H → ZZ* → 4l provides a rather clean signature in the mass range between 120GeV and 180GeV, above which the "Golden plated" channel with two real Z bosons in the final state opens up.

Mass dist. for 130GeV Higgs. (Left) H → ZZ* → eeee (Middle) H → ZZ* → μμμμ (Right) H → ZZ* → eeμμ

The Liverpool group are using its strength in the standard model Z → ee and Z → μμ channels to work on the Higgs to four lepton channel. A new sub group working on the Z → ττ channel has just been formed, with the hope of extending this to the Higgs → ZZ* → 4τ

The group is developing modular software than can be used for various analysis, including the Higgs to four leptons.

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