Tara Shears

I am a Professor of experimental particle physics and Liverpool LHCb group lead. My research concentrates on testing the Standard Model in the electroweak sector, with the LHCb experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. The data collected by LHCb allows us to probe predictions of electroweak boson production to high precision, in a new and unique kinematic region. I am a former convenor of the QCD, Electroweak and Exotica physics working group on the experiment (see our latest results here), and an LHCb representative on the LHC-wide electroweak working group.

I joined the Liverpool group in 2000 as a Royal Society University Research Fellow, to work on the CDF experiment. I studied heavy quark production in modes that can be used to test QCD, as well as providing a probe for New Physics production.

Before this I worked on OPAL, an experiment at LEP, where I made measurements of heavy quark lifetimes and W production. I have also worked on ATLAS, where my work centred on trigger object (muon, electron, photon) identification and configuration.

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